We offer a thorough process of Psychological Assessment and screening administered by a psychologist to diagnose a variety of mental health conditions. Our Psychologists meet with clients to identify emotional, mental, and behavioral problems in their lives. The psychologist will diagnose any existing or potential disorders through observation, interviews, and tests. Then, together with the client, they formulate a treatment program according to the client’s needs.

Pre-interview and Psychosocial Assessment: Our counselor will conduct in-person or phone interviews with the client and family. This will help determine if a comprehensive assessment is appropriate and gather information on treatment history, symptoms, substance use/abuse, and family/ social history. Records from other providers are beneficial in the assessment process.

Summary Presentation of results: Our psychiatrist will discuss the assessment results with the client and family. The summary report will include recommended next steps, such as specific interventions and referrals to specialized professionals.

Our Psychology/Evaluations consist of the following:
Personality Behavior & Mood Disorder
Evaluation for Personality
Medical & Surgical Procedures
Mood Disorders
Neurology & Neuro-feedback

Assessments for:
Addictions & DUI
Child & Family
Eating Disorder
Employee Drug Assessment
Pre-marriage & Marriage
Sex Abuse/Trauma
Speech & language