There are many ways for you to help our organization besides donating.

America is in the grips of a mental health crisis. Giving weight to what the experts have known for years, Mental Health America’s latest report provides a snapshot into a real situation in which the nation’s mental health is descending to dangerous levels with no easy way out. According to the recent data, more than 43 million US citizens suffer from a mental health conditions, and the figure is ever increasing. Nearly half have a co-occurring substance abuse disorder, and some 9.6 million Americans have been found to experience suicidal ideation. Worryingly, more than half of the population with mental health needs have not received treatment, and some don’t even have access to the services they need.

Here are some ways you can Help:

1) Donate online at or
2) Call us at 770-679-0586 to make a donation or pledge
3) Send a check (no cash by mail, please!)
4) Sponsor a project, service program, or fundraising party event on our behalf
5) Advocate for mental health parity and services with national, state, and regional representatives
6) Encourage family members, friends, co-workers, employer, or church to partner with us.
7) Include this project in your Will
8) Unleash the Internet: Shout Out loud about this project on Social Media
9) Auction unwanted gifts on our behalf
10) Make a donation of stocks, art, land, money, etc., today
11) Volunteer

Your tax-deductible donation will help us effectively mitigate the crisis in mental health. Every donation, regardless of size, is greatly appreciated and will be used to excellent use. We Can Do It!

Rev. Dr. Desmond Maul
CEO & Chair, National Capital Campaign