Healing trauma in adults (using CBT Techniques)

A marriage intensive works well for people who are deciding whether to divorce. It’s much faster than months and months of weekly appointments. In a marriage intensive, you get away from the distractions of work, family, and chores. You’ll have enough time to be heard fully and understood.

You’ll get to the root of the issues in a very short time. You’ll get a clear picture of what it would take to be happy together.


  1. Affairs or Betrayal
  2. Anger, Verbal, Physical, or Sexual Abuse
  3. Between the Sheets/Sex and Intimacy
  4. Boundaries and Limits In Marriage
  5. Chemical Dependency In Marriage
  6. Communication Breakdown
  7. Conflict Resolution Skills
  8. Control Issues or Power Struggles
  9. Dating Your Spouse
  10. Divorce or Separation
  11. Internet & Porn
  12. Irreconcilable Differences
  13. Keeping Love Alive
  14. Lack of Sexual Intimacy
  15. Managing Depression In Marriage
  16. Money and Marriage
  17. Mother-Son Dynamic
  18. Parenting or Family Conflicts
  19. Parenting Wisely
  20. Poor Communication
  21. Rebuilding Trust After Infidelity
  22. Recovery From Infidelity
  23. Self-Centeredness or Narcissism
  24. Sex Addiction
  25. Sexual, Emotional, and Physical Abuse
  26. Trauma In The Family System
  27. Unfinished Business With The Family Of Origin
  28. Withdrawal or Isolation